Saturday, March 21, 2009

Vegetarian Stuffed shells


Jumbo Shells ( Any Brand ) - 1 pk

Ricotta cheese - 8 oz

Mozzerela cheese - 1 pk ( grated )

Chedder cheese - 1 pk

Frozen peas - 1 cup

carrot ( grated ) - 1 cup

Frozen beans - 1 cup

Tomato puree - 3 cans

Onion - 1 big

Green pepper - 1 big

Basil leaves - pinch .

oregano leaves - pinch



In a vessel put enough water to boil shells ,add pinch of salt and a drop of oil . Once water boiling put jumbo shells in it and boil till its little tender , after that decant water and run cold water so that boiled shells are not sticking together . Keep them aside .


Crush ( Not paste ) green peas , carrot and beans . Now in a large bowl mix ricotta cheese , and crushed vegetables , little fresh crushed black pepper , paperika and salt to taste and keep aside .

Now stuff shells with the stuffing and put them in a large baking tray .


Put a tea spoon of oil in a skillet and saute little cut onion and green pepper , add black pepper and salt , and all cans on tomato puree . Add little water so that sauce consistency is thick enough .

Let it boil for sometime ....then add Oregano leaves and Basil leaves a pinch ...which gives very good authentic aroma . Switch off gas.
Put sauce on top of stuffed shells in the baking tray in such a way , that all shells are covered properly . Sprinkle handful of Mozzrela cheese and little bit of cheddar cheese , and cover with aluminium foil and bake on 325F for 30 minutes . Now uncover the dish and turn oven to broil ( so that it is little golden on top ) for 10 minutes .
Serve with toasted Garlic bread and garden salads .


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