Saturday, July 31, 2010

Preparing Kitchen Without Compromising Home Made Taste :Tips For Working Ladies

                  It is very difficult to cook food while both man and woman of the family are working. This often make people to go for fast foods or other ready made options. In other words people have to compromise fresh foods' taste as well as healthy options. I have some tips to prepare your kitchen in the weekend so that you will have easy cooking in week days. Quantity may vary according to your cooking style and family size. I am giving for  two adults family.

1) Onion paste: Peel and cut 2-3 onions , add 10-12 cloves of pealed garlic and 1" of peeled and chopped ginger. If you like add some green or red chillies as well. Grind them to a smooth paste and put it in an air tight box and keep refrigerated. It will last for 5-7 days.

2) Tomato paste: Bake 7-10 tomatoes for 15-20 minutes at 150 degree C or alternatively make light cuts on the skin and put in the boiling water for 2 minutes. Then remove its skin and make a paste and keep in the freeze in an air tight box.

3) Vegetables: Wash and cut all vegetables and keep them into the freezer in the freezer bags. Plan the portion and type of cuts and keep in separate bags.

4)Potatoes: Boil potatoes, peel them and keep them in freeze. It will last for only 48 hours so this process is needed to be repeated in week days.

5) Coriander leaves: Wash and chop coriander leaves and freeze them in cubes and then keep those cubes in freezer  in the freezer bags.

6) Now whenever you want to cook curry just heat oil , after tarka add onion paste then potatoes with termeric powder, then veggies, then salt, then tomato paste , then masala and at last coriander. Cook everything with lid on because when you use things directly from freezer they may pop out.

7) Always add some green leaves in dal, like spinach, methi, chaulai etc.  That will add extra nutients to your dal. Always take veg and fruit salad with your food.

8) In addition always keep tinned baked chick peas, tinned copped tomatoes, frozen green peas, pasta sause, tomato and herb sause, readymade paneer etc.

9) For quick pulao heat oil in the cooker of pan, add whole cumin seeds, after cracking add onion paste and saute till it turns pink then add washed rice . After mixing for 2 minutes add required water , chopped veggies ( like carrots, beans, cauliflowers etc.), green peas, coriander cube, salt and garam masala.  Cook till done and enjoy the green veg pulao.

And finally enjoy healthy cooking.........................


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Neena said...

nice tips ..if u use tupperware storage it keeps thing fresh for longer period . log on to

Raw_Girl said...

I'm all for easy quick workarounds, but I hope you know cooked and tinned stuff has the nutritional value of cardboard! Its better to minimally cook something or prepare your food fresh each time or just order in if you're that lazy/tired.

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